About Kuteka

Kuteka is a platform whose primary objective is to revolutionize the corporate purchasing process, connecting buyers and suppliers and allowing them to do business with each other, in an efficient, secure and transparent manner. It also aims to allow companies to advertise products and contract services.

Kuteka is a term from northern Angola, which means sell.


Registered Companies

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Operations Performed

How it works?

1° Step: Register Company

The process on our platform starts by registering the company, and accepting the terms of use conditions. After this phase, the applicant receives a message saying that his registration was successful. At this stage the customer will be able to use the platform but will not be able to perform operations on the platform.

2° Step: Verify and approve company

1° Schedule a visit to the facilities of the company that registered for validation of the requirements. 2° After validating the requirements, the company approves the registration request.

3° Step: Make use of platform

From this moment on, it will be possible to carry out operations like Auctions and Announcements on the platform.



  • We create a solution tailored to your need to purchase goods, thus guaranteeing purchases at the best price.
  • Our solution uses the principles of reverse auction. We guarantee security, transparency and flexibility


  • Create and publish your product announcements on our platform.
  • We have a completely innovative solution to promote your products.

Service tendering announcements

  • Create and publish your service tendering announcements on our platform.
  • We have at your disposal a completely innovative solution to publicize your needs for contracting services.

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Our Contacts

Luanda, Angola
+244 931 091 014 Cassenda, Street 11, House number 63, Luanda, Angola


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